Exploring Tourism in Djibouti
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Djibouti Popular Places to Visit

Lac Abbe Camp Tour

The Lac Abbé camp is rustic but you have everything you need to stay there in very good conditions: sanitary facilities, traditional rounded huts and stone huts with a fan. All are equipped with a camp bed with mosquito net, sheets and blankets. I recommend the breakfast with local pancakes, jam and spread from a well-known brand… In the evening, you will attend

Bolli Sararouh Camp

The BOLLI SARAROUH camp created by Daoud Orbisso, is located a little away from the road to Ethiopia after Randa. It benefits from the invigorating freshness linked to its altitude of around 1000 meters. The facilities are basic but sufficient: good beds and warm blankets. The site is ideally placed for you to discover the surrounding hiking trails. Daoud's family will welcome you a

Bolli Soubla Camp

Created by Ali Dabaleh, a native of Bolli, the Bolli Soubla camp is located about ten km north of Randa, not far from the road that leads to Ethiopia. Perched at an altitude of 1000 meters, there reigns an invigorating freshness. You will sleep in rustic huts or beautifully appointed traditional huts. You will take your meals in a common area. Note that

Allols Tour

The Allols are a salty depression supplied with sea water by underground channels. Since it is forbidden to travel on the ice floe of Lake Assal, it is accessed by the northern route via Randa, Dorra and Balho. This often-marshy place is however rarely flooded. The expanses of greenery support many domestic and wild animals. The inhabitants of Allols make palm wine from the

Korambado Beach Tour

Korambado beach is located about ten km from the city of Djibouti, it is one of the beautiful beaches of the country, it is reached by a short track that must be covered with a 4x4 vehicle. You will find huts to protect you from the sun and offer you good meals. Here it is possible to bring your drinks. The drop

The Goubet Tour

The Goubet was born from a collapse of the earth's crust at this point in the Gulf of Tadjourah. It is 20 km long by 10 wide, and is closed by a pass where the currents are violent. Around the rock walls reach 600 meters in height and plunge 200 meters below sea level. This place still inspires fear in some local fishermen.

Tadjourah Tour

Tadjourah is a quiet, multi-faceted port city. It is steeped in history: Arabic texts speak of it as early as the 12th century; here transited the caravans of arms to Ethiopia, as well as the slaves who were destined for the Arabian Peninsula or the island of Reunion. Arthur Rimbaud lived in Tadjourah; the place of his house is indicated, not

Obock Tour

Obock evokes the adventures of Henry de Monfreid, writer-adventurer who lived here with his family.                                            His house is still there, not far from the port. The other vestiges of this past are: - the house of Governor Léonce Lagarde, which is

Day Camp Tour

The Day camp in the Goda mountains culminates at more than 1500 meters above sea level. In the village of Day, the president had a second home built. Access is by two possible tracks: one of more than 25 kms from the national road of the unit, the other of 12 kms from Randa; both routes are superb; on both sides, you

Villa Camille Tour

VILLA CAMILLE is one of those unclassifiable places where you feel good. The villa is a real house of character from the 1950s where both the interior and exterior fittings are of exquisite taste. It is both a tearoom, where you can also taste succulent savory specialties, and a craft shop where you will also find interesting books; I found there a