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Ardoukoba Volcano And Lava Field

Lake Assal District, Djibouti

Between lake Assal and the Goubet, extends an astonishing volcanic zone which constitutes a real paradise for geologists, and where everyone can contemplate the effects of the movements of the earth’s crust.

There is where the Ardoukoba volcano was born in 1978 ; its eruption lasted a week and prompted the displacement of the famous volcanologist Haroun Tazief,who although having witnessed many eruptions in the world, was very surprised and amazed by this place.

We organize a day trip during which you can walk on the lava field, go around the Ardoukoba volcano, and clim bits crater. You will even have the privilege of stepping over the fault of the African rift… at a place where its width does not exceed a few centimeters.

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