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Day Camp Tour

Randa District, Djibouti

The Day camp in the Goda mountains culminates at more than 1500 meters above sea level.

In the village of Day, the president had a second home built.

Access is by two possible tracks: one of more than 25 kms from the national road of the unit, the other of 12 kms from Randa; both routes are superb; on both sides, you can see the klipspringer. This very well-equipped camp is the ideal starting point for hiking in the millennial forest of Day or to go to the site of the rock engravings of Abourma.

The primary forest benefits from a humid microclimate which allows the development of more than 350 species of plants. The famous Francolin, endemic bird of Djibouti, frequents the place.

Whatever the season, don't forget your fleece jacket, you'll appreciate it once the sun has gone down!

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