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The Goubet Tour

Lake Assal District, Djibouti

The Goubet was born from a collapse of the earth's crust at this point in the Gulf of Tadjourah.

It is 20 km long by 10 wide, and is closed by a pass where the currents are violent.

Around the rock walls reach 600 meters in height and plunge 200 meters below sea level.

This place still inspires fear in some local fishermen. Goubet al-Kharâb means the "chasm of demons".

At the bottom of Goubet near the coast, are the 2 Devil's Islands; the larger one at 159 meters high can only be reached by boat, while the smaller one can be reached on foot at low tide.

The fishes here are large, which contributes to feeding the legend of a place populated by monsters.

At the bottom of the Goubet, there is a circular basin, called the "shark pit", because it happens that sharks after having entered the pit at high tide, find themselves stuck there once the sea goes down again.

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