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Lac Assal Tour

Lac  Assal Tour Packages
Country: Djibouti
City: Lake Assal District
Duration: 7 Hour(s) - 0 Minute(s)
Tour Category: Full Day Tours

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After breakfast we leave Djibouti city for Lake Assal which is one of the must-see sites un Djibouti. On the way we ‘ll first stop at the Dimbiya canyon where we will discover a breathtaking panorama. A few hundred meters further, we will stop at the stele placed in memory of Judge Borrel, a French magistrate found dead at this place at the bottom of a ravine on October 18, 1995. At these 2 places, you can buy for a modest price original handicrafts made from natural materials, as well as amethyst geodes.

Then we will descend to Lake Assal which is located 157 meters below sea level.Its salt content is one of the highest in the world :more than 300 grams of salt per liter of water. The beauty of this place inspired the French writer-adventurer J. Kessel who described the « 3 color circles » of Lake Assal : the incomparable turquoise waters of the lake, are surrounded by the whiteness of the salt ice, itself surrounded by the ochres or blacks colors of the surrounding volcanic rocks and mountains. If you wish it and provided that the spray is not too strong, you’ll can swim and float on lake Assal ; plastic shoes are recommended to protect against sharp salt crystals, and you should avoid immersing your head under water. Don’t worry, web ring the freshwater gerrycans to take the obligatory shower after the saltwater bath !

At the edge of the lake, you ‘ll can buy natural salt balls of varying sizes (the largest are the rarest) and objects or animal skulls crystallized in the salt. You may be lucky enough to witness the exploitation of the salt crust according to ancestral methods, or to see a caravan of dromedaries with its cargo of bags of salt.

We will have lunch in a picnic at Goubet, in the shade of a straw hut facing Devil’s Island, near the shark pit !

Return and arrival in Djibouti in the late afternoon

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