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Vehicules 4x4 Tour

Vehicules 4x4 Tour Packages
Country: Djibouti
City: Djibouti
Duration: 1 Day(s) - 0 Night(s)
Tour Category: Full Day Tours

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To enjoy all the sites of the territory of Djibouti, it is imperative to use a good 4X4 vehicle.

Indeed, some tracks, especially in mountainous regions, are rocky, rutted and sloping; but these difficult tracks are no less superb and lead to sites that are worth the detour and some mechanical effort.

One of the difficulties, not dangerous, but which can delay you significantly, is getting stuck; the places where you have to be careful where you put the wheels, are the surroundings of the Godoria mangrove and the shores of Lake Abbé, and the sandy beach areas.

Be careful not to cross wadis in flood, even if the height of the water is below that of the wheels!

The driver must be seasoned, and avoid certain errors of the type of those committed in our photo: on the top of small dunes, we will avoid stopping at the risk of ending up with the four wheels in a vacuum...

Fortunately, even in places you think are desert, you can quickly find someone to get you out of a bad situation!

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