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The Allols are one of the most amazing places in Djibouti, and very few are visited because they are quite remote. If the necessary authorizations for access to Les Allols have not been obtained, the visit . .
Country: Djibouti
City: Djibouti
Duration: 6 Day(s) - 5 Night(s)
Tour Category: Nature Tours
Departure Date: Thu 01 Jan '99
Package Itinerary

The Allols are one of the most amazing places in Djibouti, and very few are visited because they are quite remote.

If the necessary authorizations for access to Les Allols have not been obtained, the visit to the Allols will be replaced by a stay in Daffeynaytou

DAY 1: Visit the DECAN Refuge

Arrival Djibouti City – Transfer from the airport to your accommodation

Our local agency puts a comfortable and air-conditioned apartment at your disposal to spend the night there and have breakfast prepared according to your wishes. Naturally, if you prefer, hotel accommodation can be booked.

Lunch at the restaurant at the port of Djibouti

Afternoon: visit the DECAN refuge. This is an animal park near Djibouti, where animals from Djibouti and also from other parts of Africa live.

Evening meal: restaurant in Djibouti

Night: in our apartment or hotel

DAY 2: From Djibouti to Tadjourah via Lake Assal

Morning: departure from Djibouti early in the morning. About forty km before reaching Lake Assal, we will stop to admire the grandiose landscape of the Dimbiya Canyon nicknamed the “Grand Canyon of Djibouti” ….

A few kilometers further on, another stop at the stele of J. Borrel, a French magistrate whose partly charred body was found at the bottom of the cliff on the morning of October 18, 1995. "The Borrel affair" poisoned relations for a few years between the Djiboutian and French states.

Located 153 meters below sea level, Lake Assal is one of the saltiest in the world (more than 300 grams of salt per liter of water). This fact, added to the very high evaporation due to the intense heat that reigns there, explains why salt has been mined here for hundreds of years. No living organism can survive in the waters of Lake Assal. If the weather is right, we can swim there; plastic shoes are necessary to avoid injury from the sharp salt crystals.

The very high temperatures that prevail in this place do not make it very hospitable, but its legendary beauty, described by the adventurer writer J. Kessel, makes it an unmissable site.

Lunch: picnic on the beach at Goubet in the shade of a hard pitch, facing Devil's Island

Afternoon: we will visit the lava field located between Assal and Goubet, where we will observe the fault of the rift over a few meters, which at this place is only a few centimeters wide.

Evening meal and night at Hotel Golfe in Tadjourah

DAY 3: Departure for LES ALLOLS (see ALLOLS Sightseeing)

Morning: Visit the city of Tadjourah then departure to Bolli

Lunch with Daoud's family in Bolli

Afternoon: Journey to Allols or departure from Daffeynaytou if Allols authorization is not obtained.

Bivouac in Les Allols or night in Daffeynaytou

DAY 4: From ALLOLS to the Ras Ali Camp by the Sea

Morning: Hike to Les Allols or visit the gardens and engravings around Daffeynaytou

Lunch at Randa or at the Bolli Soublah camp

Afternoon: Visit Randa

Evening meal and overnight at Ras Ali camp

DAY 5: Snorkeling in Ras Ali and Back to Djibouti

Morning: snorkeling on the superb Ras Ali drop-off

Lunch at Ras Ali camp.

Afternoon: A return trip to Djibouti by road or by ferry depending on the day.

Evening meal at the restaurant in Djibouti

Night at the hotel in Djibouti or in the apartment of our agency.

Day 6: Relaxing Day in Korambado -15 km

Snorkeling on the program for this day

Lunch in a hut on the beach

You need a good 4x4 vehicle to get down to Korambado. Not far from Djibouti, the site is interesting for the practice of snorkeling (east side). A few "local color" huts, installed by the sea, provide the shade and the meal necessary to spend a very pleasant day there.

Evening meal at the restaurant in Djibouti. On the menu Yemeni fish, the fish that you choose yourself, is cut into two slices and placed in a circular oven….

Evening transfer to Djibouti airport


Our agency is insured for the reimbursement of payments made before the start of the stay, in the event of default by the agency.

In addition, we contractually undertake to reimburse any payment in the event of trip cancellation due to a pandemic, with the exception of expenses advanced on your behalf, not reimbursed to the agency.

In the latter case, a credit note of an amount identical to that of our supplier may be sent to you.

The Price Includes :

Transfer to/from the airport; Private vehicle with driver and all transports within the country (ferry...); Services of guides qualified in French or English during the whole voyage; Full board meal; meals at the restaurant are included for a fixed price indicated in the detailed program which will be given to you, an adjustment is made at the end of the stay according to the real cost of the meals taken; One and a half liters of water per day per person; Accommodation in a double room at the hotel at Djibouti city, or in the apartment of our local agency according to your choice.

The Price Does Not Include :

International flights and visa; Alcoholic beverages; Medical expense insurance or medical repatriation; Tips

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