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Djibouti Animals Tour

Djibouti Animals Tour Packages
Country: Djibouti
City: Djibouti
Duration: 5 Day(s) - 4 Night(s)
Tour Category: Nature Tours
Departure Date: Thu 01 Jan '99

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Despite its very high temperatures 6 months a year, rare rainfall, and arid semi-desert areas, the Republic of Djibouti is endowed with a rich terrestrial and maritime fauna.

In this article only common land animals are discussed; for fish and rare endemic species, you will refer to the articles devoted to them.

The agency will propose a tailor-made itinerary depending on the animals that visitors wish to observe.

Very diverse animals are easily observed, which is a plus when you discover Djibouti!

Bird lovers will not be disappointed... The lucky ones will try to spot the famous Djibouti Francolin, an endemic species of the country, represented since 2013 on the 250 DF coins in the Goda or Mabla mountains.

Djibouti is a country of small areas where various biotopes are concentrated: beaches, mangroves, lakes, mountains, deserts...

Lac Abbé allows you to observe many animals, including birds with pink flamingos, wading birds, geese, and ibises.

Djibouti also makes it possible to observe several species of birds of prey, in particular vultures in the desert zone of Grand Bara, and the Neophron in Tadjourah.

The semi-desert areas also allow you to observe the colorful Persian Bee-eater

The freshness and greenery of the Goda Mountains are home to species such as Galao and Yellow-billed Galao.

Domestic, the majestic dromedary does not command less respect. He is at home, on the track, but also very often on or along the roads...

At the other end of the size scale, despite its cousinhood with the elephant, the hyrax enchants young and old alike. It is a rabbit-sized herbivore whose tawny brown coat makes it difficult to spot on the rocks where it likes to bask in the sun.

Antelopes and gazelles are quite common in Djibouti. You cannot miss the dik-dik, a 40 cm dwarf antelope with a gray coat, endemic to the countries of the Horn of Africa. Their name comes from the noise they make when in danger.

Among the animals that are frequently encountered in Djibouti, let's not forget the baboons, which are sometimes aggressive. The green monkeys, pilferers of everything edible, visit us in the camps of the Goda Mountains!

Much more rarely, it is possible to see at dawn, a hyena that will flee if you try to approach it within 300 meters. Don't try to catch up with her, she can run at 60 km/hour...

Fans of wild animals and animals endemic to the Horn of Africa will appreciate a visit to the Decan Refuge! Among other species, there are the famous cheetahs collected by the veterinarian! But it is the leopard that is present in the wild in Djibouti.

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